About us


ORAMA Technology Solutions
Cr. Smirnis 42 Moschato
Athens 18344

Tel: +30 2109414950

Fax:+30 2109402040






Who we are


Orama Technology Solutions was founded at 1998 aiming to provide high standard integrated and innovative services. We work internationally providing our services in two countries. 

From the very first moment we manage to deal everyday problems with groundbreaking prespective and fresh ideas. Using the latest of techonology we manage to develop applications that are flexible and user friendly.

Actually what we love to do is coding...






Our point of view is that true collabaration can be achieved only with the best support after sales, the friendliness of applications and most of all of the evolution every application delivers in bussiness. With those values in mind we are always trying to step out our bed. Ethical speaking we always seek to improve our values and afterall the support of our services.




Our People


Our people in Orama Technology Solutions descreet from the level of technical knowledge and their willing for training in new technologies. We beleive that our people is the most valuable asset we have as a company.